Natural Pyrethrum Insect Spray

Natural Pyrethrum Insect Spray

Description & Benefits:

Sharp Shooter Natural Pyrethrum Insect Spray for control of aphids (including rose and cabbage aphid), thrips, white fly, house flies, ants, leaf hopper, cabbage moth, caterpillars and cockroaches. For use on fruit trees, vegetables, indoor and outdoor plants, ornamentals and flowers.



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When to use: Pyrethrum can be used all year round, for best results use at or after sunset.


  • Natural insecticide
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for peopleand pets (Sustainable Gardening Australia approved)
  • Broad spectrum- kills and controls a wide range of pests
  • Rapid action - quick knockdown
  • One day withholding period on fruit and vegetables, no lasting residue


Available in;

  • 250ml concentrate $10.50
  • 500ml concentrate $16.73
  • 750ml ready to use $7.35
  • 1Lt concentrate $28.00


Prices excluding GST.

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