Nature's Way Vegetable Dust Derris

Nature's Way Vegetable Dust Derris

Description & Benefits:

Controls certain leaf chewing and sucking insects (aphids, thrips and caterpillars) on leafy vegetables, flowers and vines.


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How It Works

Rotenone is a contact and stomach poison which paralyses the heart and respiratory system of the insect.


Rotenone (derris)

Directions for use

Dust at 7-10 day intervals on upper and lower surfaces of foliage, commencing at seedling stage. Do not apply if rain is expected or on windy days.


The product usually remains effective for 7 days except that after rain it is necessary to dust again.


Do not apply near dams, ponds or water supplies. Do not apply later than 1 day before harvest. Toxic to fish.


  • Based on a natural plant root extract.
  • Withholding period on edible crops only 1 day.
  • Almost non-toxic to humans, bees and wildlife (except fish).
  • Handy easy to use shaker pack.
  • Easy to use shaker pack – no mixing or spraying required.

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