White Oil Insecticide

White Oil Insecticide

Description & Benefits:

Sharp Shooter White Oil Insecticide for control of red scale, white scale, wax scale, various other scale insects, mealy bug, spider mites, leaf miner (including citrus leaf miner). For use on deciduous fruit trees, roses, citrus trees, indoor plants, ornamental shrubs and daphne.


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When to use: Apply whenever pests are present all year round. For fruit trees and roses apply durning the winter months after pruning but before bud burst.


  • Great for indoor plants as well as outdoor plants
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for people and pets
  • Use on citrus and other hardy shrubs
  • Can be used as a leaf shine to add lustre to plants
  • One day withholding period, so it can be sprayed up to harvest


Available in;

  • 250ml concentrate
  • 500ml concentrate

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