Description & Benefits:

Nutralene is a special slow release fertiliser that is useful for turf with the full amount of nitrogen required and can be mixed potting mixes or base/side dressing. Nutralene enriches soils microbiology which helps to increase root growth and improve plant health/

The dosage and timing of application are concerning to seasonal conditions and also depends on type of crops.


Methylene Urea 40-0-0


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  • bio-activity of the N in syncronisation with root activity
  • does not cause photoxicity (low salt index of 25 as compared to ammonium sulphate 70, urea 75 and ammonium nitrate 105)
  • fasilitates the microbiological activities of the soil (organic carbon content)
  • gradual even feeding for up to 16 weeks
  • assists in preventing the softening of tissues and limiting the onset of fungus and aphid attacks
  • counteracts nitrogen drawdown in soilless mixes
  • less risk of nitrate leaching or running off


Available in;

  • 20kg bags

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