Multicrop EcoWet

Multicrop EcoWet

Description & Benefits:

Unlike other surfactants that are based on petro-chemicals, EcoWet is derived from natural (and renewable) materials such as plant sugars and starches. These break down into a source of nutrients that help sustain the level of beneficial micro- organisms in the soil. In contrast, products based on petro- chemicals can leave toxic residues in the soil.


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  • breaks down the surface tension of the soil and allows water to penetrate, thus reducing wasteful run-off
  • improves water penetration through heavily thatched and hydrophobic turf
  • eliminates surface pooling and dry patches
  • can be used on gardens, lawns, pot plants, hanging baskets and to re-wet dry potting mixes


Available in;

  • 2Lt Hose On
  • 5Lt
  • 20Lt

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